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Nighmares, awakening with anxiety.

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What causes nightmares?

Like the dream, the nightmare is a physiological and psychological response that occurs during REM sleep. It reflects an anxiety, a recent fear, malfunction and directed, in most cases, the eve of event. This can also recount earliest memories back several months or years. A person who has a nightmare wakes often uncomfortable, heart beating fast, sweaty, frightened or confused.

Some people are also post-traumatic nightmares following an accident, war, suicide. In this case, they are much more recurring. Sometimes nightmares can also be caused by a disease, chronic pain, or as a result of poor digestion. But in all cases they tell us about our unconscious. Nevertheless, each has a different sensitivity: Some nightmares will be perceived as painful for some and just unpleasant for others.

Why do children have more nightmares?

It has been proven that children are more nightmares than adults. The reason is simple: a baby, new arrival on Earth is constantly bombarded with new images, sensations, smells, sounds, and beyond, of strong emotions. It was only during the sleep period that the infant eliminates this overflow of information that the brain has accumulated during the day. Often, the main baby nightmare is that of his mother who gives up, as it does in the morning by the applicant to the crib, for example.

Up to 5 years, the child often dreams of ghosts, dragons, prosecution of thieves he saw on TV or in books. Some children also dream conflicts with their siblings or their parents. The reason: they are not yet old enough to put words to their fears and have difficulty expressing their feelings. But over the years, their language is structured, the children manage to explain their emotions and feelings, to reason and make fewer nightmares.

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