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The principles of acupressure are of Japanese origin, based on Chinese medicine. The acupressure is a method of regulating the flow of energy by thumb pressure on specific points.


We give you the natural treatment to cure you. Experience which of the 384 points of acupressure those who make you comfortable. Reconnect with the last therapeutic relaxation treatments, conditioners and with the essential forces of nature: water, air, fire and earth.

Custom care

Technical affordable, it fits into a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your health. Experience a new way of living in harmony with yourself through abc-welfare.

Abc-well-being, has earned your trust by providing individualized care service quality. Sensitive to your expectations, abc-wellness innovates by offering you the opportunity to relieve your pain but also to establish your true prevention program. Wellness and Prevention are the major objectives of acupressure.

A natural remedy

Traditionally, acupressure or digiponcture practiced family. You can relieve the pain of your family and friends with 408 medicinal plants. For your well-being, acupressure offers 5076 remedies and care. for healing by alternative medicine.

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