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How to cure for yourself a Great amount of dreams.

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Great amount of dreams

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What do we mean by a Great amount of dreams?

You want to primarily use fresh and natural medicine for you.

When do we dream?

Knowing that sleep consists of several cycles of different phases allows us to understand what time of night the dreams occur.

  • Light sleeper corresponds to the three phases of Slow Wave Sleep in.
  • Deep sleep is the phase of paradoxical sleep.

These phases alternate and repeated throughout the night. In general, it was during the fifth phase, called paradoxical sleep phase that dreams occur. They often begin about 90 minutes after the onset of sleep. If we wake someone during this deep sleep phase, 85% of people remember the dream against only 10 to 15% if held for an additional night.

Sometimes some people dream during light sleep. Less rich in detail, these dreams contain fewer moving parts, fewer emotional elements and less colors as compared to other dreams.

Why do not we always remember our dreams?

It is possible to control the content of his dreams. This is called lucid dream dream being aware to be dreaming. These lucid dreams are defined as a mixed state, an overlap between REM sleep and activated process corresponding to enlightenment. These dreams have different degrees and only 10 to 20% of the population regularly. These are most often women and youth.

The simplest lucid dreams are to stop a nightmare, thinking that this is just a dream and wake up a few seconds later. But some people go much further in control of their dreams. They are able to change the content of their dreams, for example, make objects appear, change places. Mastering lucid dreams can be acquired. Some athletes use this technique to visualize their practices.

It is also in use for patients who suffer from recurrent nightmares. For this control, you only have to be motivated and spontaneously possess good dream recall capabilities.

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