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Question relating to the health of the women and the Depression. The depression is a disorder whose symptoms cause a distress or a significant clinical deficiency in physical key functional zones, social, professional.

The women are likely approximately twice as much as the men to have a depression. The major depressive episode lasts on average approximately nine months in the absence of treatments. Moreover, approximately 50% of the people who have an episode will know a recurrence. It is probable that the psychosocial factors modify the risks of depression allotted to the biological factors. The effects of the stress, violence, poverty, the inequality and the undervaluation of oneself tend to increase the vulnerability of the women to have a depression. It is also observed that they are the women of age of procreation who post the highest rates of depression.

The predictive factors of the depression include/understand. Former depression (report/ratio of dimensions = 2,97), A to be disabled or exceeded feeling (report/ratio of dimensions = 1,80), Chronic problems as regards health (report/ratio of dimensions = 1,77), Traumatisms during the childhood or at the beginning of the adulthood (report/ratio of dimensions = 1,69), A lack of emotive support (report/ratio of dimensions = 1,47), A lack of control of the situation (report/ratio of dimensions = 1,32). The single-parent women are more likely (15%) to have a depression that the women in general (7%).

A greater severity of the chronic pain increases the prevalence of the depression among women more than the men. The overweight (C. - with-D. an index of body mass from 25 to 27) and the daily use of the tobacco are also associated the depression. The women on the low school level, with the inadequate income and who consult less one professional of health are less likely to be made treat for a depression.

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