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The prevention of tiredness rests on a hygiene of satisfactory life: sufficient rest (8 hours of sleep per night), nutritional balance. Your normal tiredness can be the consequence of an intense physical effort during your day, of an emotional stress or a sporting or professional overwork.

Your happy tiredness occurs when you worked all during the night to pass (and succeed) an examination, or when you gain a sporting competition, you are tired because you provided a great effort.

Tiredness would find also its origin in a disordered state of the rates/rhythms of life. You work not only much, but to your overloaded days you add intense physical exercises and night exits.

You live on the nerves, and your tiredness is quite comprehensible. Contrary, tiredness can be the consequence of a dull life, without joys nor pleasures, which leads quickly to depresses.

The case of depressed people who often refuse to recognize it, and people who for a reason or another received for example a sleeping pill during a few times and continue it by practice. In these circumstances, tiredness is explained easily by the medicamentous intoxication.

The changes of rate/rhythm are particularly tiring and generates stress. It is the case if you work in 3x8 or travel much and you are all the time subjected to the time shift.

When you are depressed, you are tired because of a stressing affection precise. In this case, one generally speaks about asthenia. Your nervous tiredness evokes the depression.

The chronic syndrome of tiredness, described in the Anglo-Saxon countries, has occurred at a young dynamic framework in situation of stress and is characterized by an asthenia evolving/moving for 6 months.

Any prolonged physical tiredness often resounds on psychism and conversely any physical tiredness resounds on the with dimensions physique.

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