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How to cure for yourself an Borborygms

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Gargle produced by gaz bubbles in digestive tubes liquids . It has no other pathological meaning as belonging to Kœenig syndrom ( intestinal occlusion ).

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What do we mean by Borborygms

Borborygms is gurgling noises produced by the mobilization of gases in a segment of the digestive tract that contains an abundant amount of liquid. It can also be air stuck by spasms or interstices of the large intestine. In their attempt to pass, noises can occur.
Functional colopathy, laxophobia, swallowed air, gasogenic foods and diarrhea are the main causes. A viral attack is also a possible cause.
Activated charcoal allows adsorption of gases very quickly. The addition of certain yeasts makes it possible to reduce the formation of these gases.
Another solution is to evacuate the gases, including through flatulence and belching. As the digestive system can hold a lot of air, it can be tedious, but very effective. Indeed, in the absence of air, the digestive system can not produce borborygms.

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