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  • "I want to treat me differently"
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  • 408 plants medicinales including 87 of Chinese origin
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  • 1233 symptoms (pains, fever...)
  • 5076 remedies and care
  • You review a great number of diseases and dolors. We indicate to you for each of them, the natural treatment, most effective to care them

And if this medicine is as effective as natural?.

There are three techniques

The first technique is called harmonization. This method can be practiced in all cases, to regulate the flow of energy as needed for your body

Simply place the tip of the middle finger on the point. Press the pivot point and then very quickly with a movement of "screwdriver" in both directions for one minute (100 rotations).

The second technique is called toning. It's a simple gesture that stimulates the body. With the tip of the middle finger, struck quickly and flexibly point (2 beats / second) for 1 min.

And finally there is the third technique called dispersion. This is the method which is the employee. Press point with the tip of the thumb and hold this pressure for 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

The small tip of the day

If you want to help your body feel better and better.
Take the time to note the care techniques for later use in prevention of various symptoms.