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How to cure for yourself an Aphtae

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Small and superficial graze surrounded by a lively red edging, generally in mucous membrane of the mouth, very sensitive to touching.

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What do we mean by an Aphtae

An Aphtae are small, painful and superficial mouth ulcers. They usually come and do, after a brief or long period between two outbreaks. They are not contagious.
The abnormal response of the immune system against the superficial mouth tissue. Genetic predisposition Food allergies or sensitivity to certain foods as chocolate, nuts or citric fruits. Mouth tissues injury (rough tooth brushing) and nutritional deficiencies.
A risk factor is a something that increases the chances of contracting a disease or disorders: Family history of aphta sufferers, bad absorption of nutriebnts -Ptrolognued temperature, HIV or Aids, stress, hormonal changes in women.
Aphtae are small ulcers in the oral cavity surrounded by redness. They are very painful and heal for a rather long time. It is suitable to use oral gels, or pastes in combination with a mouthwash containing a mild desensitiser for their treatment. In general, it is necessary to supplement the B group vitamins.

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