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Your care for Abdomen stretching


Increase of abdomen

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Your care for Absence of lochia


Absence of blood discharges from uterus, later sero-bloody and finally serous, produced during 10 to 20 days after labour.

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Your care for Absence of perspiration


Absence of perspiration.

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Your care for Abundant periods


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Your care for Acute Appendicite (Intestine Abces )


Appendix swelling.It presents by vomits or nauseas, pains in iliac hole (point of Mc Burney), fever of 38°C.

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Our practice is unique a combination of alternative and plants medicine that will one day be offered everywhere. This means that we are especially effective with chronic and difficult cases that have resisted prior treatment.



Relaxation helps ease muscle tension and provides well-being and decreased stress and depression.


Lying on the floor, breathe deeply and slowly. Imagine your heavy body become very heavy. Review each part of your body, legs, arms, abdomen, mentally repeating: my arm is heavy, growing heavy etc. At the end of the session, open your eyes, stretch and resume your activities.

After ten daily sessions of a few minutes, you will come to relax completely. You have a bathtub? Enjoy a thalassotherapy at home: immerse yourself in a bath of up to 39 degrees.

For the first ten minutes, relax, do nothing. The next ten minutes, stir ankles, arms, doing squats and leg extensions.

Finish with a friction massage glove (if your skin is not too sensitive) and jet warm shower.

Follow this program for a month and you will surely see the results of your physical well-being and morale.

The small tip of the day

If you want to help your body feel better and better.
Take the time to note the care techniques for later use in prevention of various symptoms.

Les autres symptômes
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