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How to cure for yourself a Tiredness.

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Decrease of performance ability of an organ or the body, transforming the exercice in painful astheny.

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What do we mean by a Tiredness?

You want to primarily use fresh and natural medicine for you.

Treat stress and anxiety by yourself.

When stressed, we need to relax.

Fatigue is physical or mental exhaustion that can be triggered by stress; medication; overwork (heavy workload without conditioning); excessive heat; or underlying medical conditions such as mental and physical illness or disease.

Several factors, including too little sleep or poor quality sleep over a period of time, can cause fatigue. Fatigue is the body’s signal that a rest period is needed.

Sleep is a biological need for life and health, similar to the need for food. The body is naturally designed for sleeping 7–8 hours during the nighttime. Working at night, at irregular times, and over long shifts can lead to shorter sleep duration and poorer quality sleep.

Fatigue makes workers feel weary or unmotivated, reduced physical capacity, reduces productivity, and increases risk for worker errors and injuries.

Research indicates that working 12 hours per day is associated with a 37% increased risk of injury. Accident and injury rates are 18% greater during evening shifts and 30% greater during night shifts when compared with day shifts.

Errors in donning and doffing PPE, more needlesticks and other exposure to blood and other body fluids, and more occupational injuries among healthcare workers can occur.

Fatigue and stress from strenuous work schedules can be compounded by heavy physical workloads, long commutes, and personal demands on workers.

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