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Perturbation of psychic life, affecting essentially the mood, it produces melancoly and sadness.The subjective manifestations are simple morosity, boredom until the true moral pain of melancoliques.

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Depression: Learn to get out:

Depression causes a slowdown in all registers of everyday life.

The emotional, intellectual functioning, fitness, vital and body mechanisms. This slowdown comes in multiple symptoms that persist for a long time (over two weeks). Knowing that a person may not experience them all. General slowdown: Depression slows all the gestures; so you have more time to perform routine tasks.

We do not force. The emotions, thoughts and actions are as mired by the disease. Facial movements are reduced, it shows a blankness impression may suggest indifference. Speech is slow, drawling. The person has the feeling of not being able to react. Certain functions of the body, such as digestion, are also slow.

Depression occurs most often in the form of episode.

This is called a depressive episode (or major depressive episode). When depression sets in time, it is called dysthymia or (more radical form) from chronic depression. Bipolar disorder is in turn a specific disorder alternating phases of depression and phases of excitement.

Faced with depression, often finding explanations.

The first questions we ask are: Why me? What has happened? what is it due? What have I done? Our need to understand and make sense of what happens to us is a natural process, especially on the occasion of painful experiences. It is therefore common to use explanations of probable appearance. It evokes external causes.

That's because it's not going in my work, when I will not have these financial problems, it will get better, I need to meet someone to no longer be alone or internal causes.

However, these interpretations are often far removed from the actual origins of depression. They are very often an obstacle to the process of care and healing, holding us to see a doctor. Depression, like most mental illnesses, is not due to a single factor. It is the culmination of a series of mechanisms of various kinds, still imperfectly known.

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