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Insane laughter.

During or shortly after a seizure, an individual might display some twitching, strange eye movements, lip smacking, fidgeting or mumbling.

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Sadness is a normal human emotion. Sadness is usually triggered by a difficult, hurtful, challenging, or disappointing event, experience, or situation.

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Fear is a powerful and primitive human emotion. Fear can be divided into two responses, biochemical and emotional.Fear is incredibly complex.

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When we talk about the appeal of this treatment or that treatment, this is what is at the heart of it all—we use medicines because they seem to work.

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A fresh approach to understanding how emotions and stress influence health. When we brave the emotional complexities within our lives, we resolve many paradoxes that we face in understanding ourselves. When we ask ourselves, Is my glass half empty or half full? for instance, we seek a single answer to questions about the fullness of our lives. Doing so, we often overlook the obvious truth.

The glass is both half empty and half full. Our emotional life is a rich tapestry of hope, woven from experiences with positive emotion, and fear, arising from encounters with negative emotion. With scholarship, wit and a wealth of data from carefully conducted research, the pursuit of the positive and defense against the negative.

The immune system was long believed to be autonomous unconnected to the brain.Of greater interest are reflections on the implications for maintaining health and treating disease physical and psychological stresses such as prolonged lack of sleep, divorce or social isolation can make people sick by adversely affecting their immune and hormonal responses.

Emotion and the Nervous System: Sympathetic nervous system activation with emotional arousal. increased heart rate, respiration, perspiration and blood pressure, decreased digestion and blood vessel constriction, stimulates glucocorticoid hormone release by adrenal glands, Parasympathetic nervous system brings you back down and restores energy.

Brain Areas and Emotion: The limbic system, many parts that are interconnected.emotion, learning memory, sexual activity and aggression, stimulation of some parts of the hypothalamus can lead to bared teeth and claws while other parts (the septal area) produces a sense of pleasure (particularly sexual)

The Amygdala: Part of limbic system. Helps coordinate physiological and facial expressions of emotion (especially fear), Damage to amygdala removes fear and aggression in animals, Stimulation produces fear and aggression, Anti-anxiety medications have some of their effects at amygdala, Damaged amygdala patients do not respond emotionally to rewards and punishments.

A guide to harmonizing mind and body teaches how to use their emotions to boost their natural healing potential, showing how emotions make people susceptible to illness. You review a great number of diseases and dolors.We indicate to you for each of them, the natural treatment, most effective to care them

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