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The Alpine skiing is practically accessible to everyone and as of the youth. It develops qualities of address, balance, flexibility and good coordination.

The muscular and articular requests are important but its practice claims also a good preliminary physical condition. The Alpine skiing involves an important physical exercise (in addition to the efforts, it is necessary to fight against the cold) and requires consequently a refreshing sleep.

The benefits are at the same time physical and psychological

physics: by muscular work (the lower limbs have a role of shock absorbers and the work of the quadriceps is capital), articular (in particular lower limbs), by the work of the cardiorespiratory apparatus and the conditions of practice: fresh air, dry and fresh. psychological: thanks to the escape, with the contact with nature, the feeling speed, the landscapes met.

To be pleasant, a stay with snow requires a certain physical preparation. If you do not make a sport regularly, during the month which precedes your departure, go to good pace 15 to 30 minutes each day (for example while going and while returning from work), or made race with foot (2 or 3 times 30 minutes per week), of the bicycle or swimming (one hour, 3 times per week). Also work the articular flexibility by 5 to 10 minutes of daily stretchings. The protection of the skin of the face and the lips is important (sun lotion and stick with lips) like that of the eyes. It is necessary to have good really protective glasses against the sun and the reverberation.

Always respect the feeling of tiredness (end of morning, end of day) and avoid the descent of too. Up to 1.000 - 1.500 m it practically do not have there a problem, but beyond, the people who suffer from problems pulmonary or cardiac and for which efforts in altitude are disadvised, must consult their doctor beforehand. You review a great number of diseases and dolors.We indicate to you for each of them, the natural treatment, most effective to care them.

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