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Bicycling has several advantages over other exercises: Cycling exercises the heart better than walking without the pounding of jogging. One can ride a bicycle almost anywhere, at any time of the year, and at low cost. Little or no time has to be lost, as bike travel can be used to get to work, perform errands, or enjoy the outdoors. Commuting by bike reduces pollution that causes asthma and bronchitis. A commuting cyclist is also less exposed to air pollution than a commuting motorist.

One very interesting question is how much aerobic exercise should one get every day? Some medical authorities recommend as little as 20 minutes a day, three times a week, while others recommend 2,000 kCal, which would be at least four times that amount. Why the great difference? Well, most authorities recognize the more exercise the better up to some undetermined point, but many are afraid that if they expect too much, people won't exercise at all. Another reason for lowering the recommendation was due to the damage caused by jogging, a problem cycling does not share. I am afraid that those setting very low requirements are giving people the mistaken impression that they don't need any more exercise than their usual, basically sedentary activity.

Why should my child wear a bike helmet?

Every year many children under the age of 15 are rushed to hospital emergency rooms with head injuries from bicycle accidents injuries that can cause brain damage and life-long disabilities. But these injuries are largely preventable if your child wears a bike helmet, which can reduce the risk by 85 percent. That's why your child needs a helmet every time she gets on her bike or rides in a bicycle carrier and each time she skates, rollerblades, skateboards, or rides a tricycle. Remember, even a bike with training wheels can tip over. Bike helmets are becoming more popular, but they still have a long way to go; helmet use among children is far from widespread. Make sure your bike is the right size for you. Position the seat enough so that your knee is slightly bent when the pedal is at its lowest point. Handlebars should be shoulder-width apart.

How much exercise do I recommend?

45 minutes of cycling six days a week (about 2,000 kCal) keeps feeling good, but not great, two hours per day keeps me very strong and controls my weight, and six hours a day on my bicycle trips makes feel like superman after several weeks. We might say that lower amounts of exercise improve one's health and higher amounts improve one's fitness.

Riding a bicycle, either freestanding or stationary, is an excellent form of exercise that improves your general health while being gentle on your joints. It offers variable resistance, from slow easy cycling to explosive sprints, which means people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit. It’s also a great way to have fun, get fit and spend time with friends and family. We indicate to you for each of them, the natural treatment, most effective to care them

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