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How to cure for yourself a Tiredness.

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Decrease of performance ability of an organ or the body, transforming the exercice in painful astheny.

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What do we mean by a Tiredness?

Golf: a real fitness trail, did you know?

The golf is mostly walking, about 8 kilometers to a course. Of course, physical activity largely justifies this impressive observation, but not only.

Within a group of senior golfers, we talk health and fitness.

It was suggested to him that is slowing in the coast to a medical check. He is invited to walk more often in everyday life.

These exchanges would prove particularly effective in the early detection of disease and take better care of them.

A follow up of 55 sedentary 48 to 64 become golfers shows that for 20 weeks, they performed 2-3 weekly routes.

At the end, golfers had lost weight and lost fat. Around their abdomen and fat thickness were significantly reduced.

The proportions between good and bad cholesterol had improved. All parameters correlated with reduced risk of heart attack.

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